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  Community Consultation    

Thank you to all community members who had their say on the project throughout the planning process.

Over the past two years, Marrickville Metro has listened to the community and had the opportunity to respond to concerns, including revising its original plans.

Community input has directly informed and helped to improve plans for the Marrickville Metro project.

Most recently, we have been consulting with local residents, business owners and community organisations through the Marrickville Metro community group to improve our designs for stage 1 of the redevelopment.

The new Marrickville Metro will balance customer and retailer demands for a wider range of shops and services and the need to reduce impacts on the local community.

The major issues during the consultation process and how we have responded in our revised plans are set out below.


Your Issue Our Response


  • 22 per cent reduction in floor space


  • Road improvements to manage increased traffic, inlcuding slip lanes to prevent queuing, new car park entry and exit on Edinburgh Road, three loading docks combined into one on Murray Street, new roundabouts and adjusted traffic timings
  • Smidmore Street to be retained as a public road
  • Reduce the number of new car parking spaces from 715 to 528 to reflect the smaller size of the centre.


  • Relocating new loading dock on Murray Street further south away from homes.


  • A new litter management plan to be implemented in line with the conditions of consent.

Trolley management

  • New trolley management plan to be implemented, in line with the conditions of consent.

Visual impact 

  • Overshadowing minimised and residents’ privacy protected
  • Major facelift to the building and surrounds
  • Replace existing walls on Murray Street with shopfronts and brickwork
  • New enclosed loading dock covered
  • Public domain concept for Smidmore Street, for consideration by Marrickville Council.


  • Retain all existing mature lemon scented gums in Smidmore Street, all mature trees in Victoria Road and majority of fig trees in Murray Street
  • Replanting trees and shrubs in Edinburgh Road.

Local economy

  • $165 million boost to the local economy
  • Create more than 770 permanent retail jobs
  • Minimal impact on local strips, providing different types of shops and services.


  • Integrate new Metro with character of the local area
  • Showcase the area’s heritage features, such as the Mill House
  • Architectural features on Murray Street to celebrate the industrial history of the site and the surrounding area.



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